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Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, which was founded in the year 1839 is the oldest business Chamber in the Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka. It is also among the oldest in the Asian region. The formation of the Chamber, which is also known as CCC exactly took place on the 25th March, 1839. Led by the British businessmen, who were here in the country at that time, the prime focus was to serve the plantation industry, which was the prime source of the commercial activities of Sri Lanka during that time.

The agriculture based services provided by the CCC to its members, gradually elevated to value added services. Over a period of years, CCC which plays a catalytic role in the development of the business sector, changed its focus on identifying key issues to assist in the development of strategic plans to meet new challenges and opportunities. With the close rapport maintained with the Government sector, the CCC continued to strengthen its role as a channel between the Government and the Private sector.

It was also the first Chamber to be represented in the Senate and House of Representatives in the days of Ceylon, first to be accepted as an affiliate member of Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CACCI) in 1983. A few other services which were the first of its kind to be introduced by the CCC are the issuance of Certificates of Origin in 1925, introduction of e-Cos, Conduct of Commodity auctions (Tea, Rubber, Spices & Allied Products) from 1894, Gem Auctions in1980, services provided by Measurers/Surveyors/Assessors, Arbitration/Conciliation & Mediation services, the first Sri Lankan export exhibition was organized by the CCC in 1973, Initiated the First Export Awards scheme in association with the then Export Promotion Secretariat, Formation of Bilateral Business Councils in 1979, Launching of CSR awards in 2004, (Global Standard One) GS1 which is the world’s most accepted standard for supply chain management – bringing Bar-coding Standards to Sri Lanka and the CCC is the sole authorized body in Sri Lanka to operate the GS1 Standards system. Moreover, CCC has the unique feature of a Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Trade Associations, Regional Chambers, Employer organizations and Bilateral Business Councils in Sri Lanka. The CCC claims this status having formed alliances with 20 Regional Chambers, 38 Trade/Product and Service Associations and 21 Bilateral Business Councils.