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  • Anushka Wijesinhe

  • Chief Economist
  • Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
Anushka Wijesinhe
Chief Economist
Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
Anushka is a development economist with a track record of research published in national and international publications, focusing on economic governance, private sector development and innovation. He works closely with leaders in government, international development agencies, and private sector institutions to advance research and policy advocacy on these issues. He also serves on the board of two financial services companies – Union Assurance General and HNB Grameen Finance.
Anushka has led regional economic research projects in South Asia and has worked in South Korea, as an Asia Development Fellow of the Korea Development Institute. He has undertaken research consultancies for the World Bank, ADB, UNDP, GIZ, and UNESCAP. In previous roles, he headed the Industry, Competitiveness and Regulatory Policy Unit at the Institute of Policy Studies; was Research Officer to the Presidential Commission on Taxation; and was Assistant Director of Economic Affairs at the Government Peace Secretariat during the final stages of the war.
Anushka holds a Masters in Economics and Development from the University of Leeds Business School, UK and BSc (Hons.) in Economics from the University College London, UK. He is a ‘New Champions Awardee’ of the World Economic Forum.